The Eachine Wizard X220Eachine Wizard X220

Should the Eachine Wizard X220 be everyone’s first real FPV racing drone?

Probably yeah….. here’s why.

Ready to Fly and Almost Ready to Fly Choice

The Eachine Wizard X220 is one of if not the best FPV racing drone that Eachine has ever released.  Some might think that is not saying much as they have had their fair share of… not so great drones and even some real stinkers.

What makes it the best drone for beginners and why should it be everyone’s first drone?

Simple, the ease of a complete ready to fly(ish) kit and the amount of attention and information there is on this drone is astounding.

You have a choice of two kits.

  1. Ready to Fly – Controller, Drone, Camera, Battery all you need (minus goggles and charger)
  2. Just the Drone – Just the Drone fully assembled – good for if you want a better receiver (Tarranis or Telogy) and choice of better/different batteries (tattu are great!)

Full Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Racing Drone Stock Specs:

The table below shows you all the parts that come as part of the Wizard X220 package fully assembled.  This gives you an idea of the choices you have to make to build your own let alone the hours to build and soldering skills required.

Some of the parts did not get great reviews but they are functional and easily replaceable.

Parts Type Specs Stock Replacements Rating
Stock Motor Eachine MN 2205 2300kv Eachine MN 2205 2300kv 5" Props Buy Motors

Buy Props
Stock Camera Eachine Wizard X220 Camera 1/3 CMOS FVP Camera 700 TVL - 27 Degrees 2.8mm IR coated System: Pal Buy Camera
Stock Carbon Frame Thick Carbon Frame Top - 1.5/2.0mm Carbon Fiber Bottom -2.0/3.0mm Carbon Fiber Sides - .5 Arms - 4mm Carbon Fiber Buy Top

Buy Bottom

Buy Arms
Stock ESC Eachine Wizard X220 ESC Bhleli_S 20A BLHELI_S 2-4S Lipo Batteries Peak Current : 25A Programming: Yes Buy ESC
Stock FPV System Eachine Wizard X220 Skyzone 5.8G System 200mw 48 Channel Transmitter Antenna Connector: RP-SMA Male Buy FPV
Stock Flight Control F3 Flight Controller F3 Acro 6DOF betaflight Ver 2.9.1 USB port on side panel Buy FC
Stock Antenna RP -SMA Antenna RP-SMA Buy Antenna

Reputation and Parts Availability

Everyone’s talking about the Wizard X220 and the overall response is extremely positive.

Hell, it even earned “The Drone of the Year Award 2016” from Steward from UAV Futures, one of my favorite YouTube Channels about drones and the reasons I bought the Eachine Wizard X220.

UAV Futures – Wizard X220 Video

Eachine Listens to Customers

Surprisingly, Eachine made some major fixes and changes have been made along the way as a result of listening to their customers.  I don’t like that, said nobody ever…

Motors – Standard upgrade from 2204 to 2205 making this quad = FAST!!!

ESC – The escapes pair perfectly with the motors to allow the use of 4S batteries = FAST!!!

LED Lights – They fixed the problem with green/red lights being on Left/Right.  Now Green on back Red on Front. – Sweet (should have been that way from the start but fixed none the less)

Wizard X220 Upgrade Options

Upgrades Type Specs Buy It
Motors EMax 2205 RS2005 2300KV Buy Motors
Cameras Runcam Swift 600TVL 2.1mm Lens IR Blocked Buy Swift
ESC LittleBee 30A 30 Amp ESC Dshot/Multishot Buy ESC
FPV System FT48X 48 CH w Raceband .25/25/200/600 mw LED Read Out Button Switch Buy FPV
Goggles VR D2 5.8Ghz 800x480 DVR Diversity Antennas Buy VRD2
Antennas Aomway 5.8g 5.8G 3DBi High Scoring RP-SMA Buy Aomway