Radio Not Working With Your Sim?Eachine Wizard X220 Flysky FS-i6

If you are getting into the FPV Drone Racing and Freestyle hotness, then its likely you went with the wildly popular Eachine Wizard X220 and the FlySky Fs-i6 Remote.

This is a great setup and highly regarded as the best starting drone/radio combo for the money by many highly credible FPV Drone racing Youtubers (FPV Futures, Joshua Bardwell, BMac FPV).

The problem is… the FlySky Fs-i6 radio does not work with flight simulators straight out of the box meaning you have to spend precious time, money, and resources crashing, wrecking and blowing up while you could just hit restart on the simulator.

Well, that all ends now, here’s how.

Buy A $200 Dollar Radio? No Way!Taranis X9D Plus will work with flight simulators

If you read forums and search google you will mainly find this is the common answer.  Nope, the FlySky FS-i6 doesn’t work.

Go spend $200+ on a “real radio” like the FrSky Taranis X9D plus, which I nearly did just so I can get some precious simulator time in.

While the Taranis is the cream of the crop A+ gold standard, it’s something that most people upgrade to later… like when they have money or get good at flying (after no longer needing sims).


The Simple $10 Fix For Inexpensive RadiosFS-i6 Wont Work With Flight Simulators

The Fs-i6 radio comes with a basic usb cable that is roughly 3 feet in length and is used to only update the Radio’s software/firmware.  This cable is the reason flight sims do not recognize your Radio.

Simply purchase theUniversal USB Flight Simulator Cable and you will finally be able to use your Radio with all of the Flight Simulators on the market.  Cheap and Easy as it gets, just like I like it.

Cable Features:

Longer 6 foot cable for ease of use

2 adapters for larger and smaller input ports

4-8 Channel PPM signal so you can use switches in the flight simulator

Radios known to work with this cable:

FlySky FS-i6

FlySky FS-T6

Futaba conquest FP-T4NBF

Walkera Devo 7E radio

Turnigy 9x

Simulators known to work with this cable:

FPV FreeRider

FPV Event


Phoenix Model Flight Simulator

HELI-X R/C helicopter flight simulator

AeroSim RC

Aerofly 7

RealFlight SImulator

Next RC

Cleawview RC


BMac FPV FS-i6 Flight Sim Fix