Ball’n On a Budget Eachine EV800 FPV Goggles

Making a choice on goggles is extremely hard when there are so many choices in the market.

It all really boils down to personal preference and how deep your pockets are.  At around $50 to $60 dollars it is insanely hard to argue the EV800s do not dominate the value department.

Sure, you could plunk down $300+ dollars for a set of Fat Shark Dominator V3 but its good to know if its worth it or not for you right?

I for one actually prefer the box style “cheaper” FPV goggles over the expensive and somewhat hard to obtain fatsharks, here’s why.

Ever Tried On FatSharks?

Some people might laugh and say the opposite about box style goggles but I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

FatSharks are cool, but in my personal opinion the visual aspect is kind of like looking at two really small TVs and I find my self not feeling as “immersed” as the big screen in the EV800s.

While Fatsharks are lighter and more comfortable than the EV800s, I think what some people feel is the most important, looking less like a nerdy cyclops.