What is the Best FPV Drone For Beginners?

If you are just getting into flying drones or even a seasoned cinematic drone pilot (Phantoms) you have a few choices to make to start out on the right foot with FPV drones.

The question you have to ask yourself is do I want to fly quickly or know everything about the internal workings of drones first?

Build or Buy Ready to Fly

The choice of build a drone or buy a ready to fly version has been debated many times with the basic idea that if you build you will know everything about the drone and if you buy RTF you won’t know what to do when it breaks.

While this is at its core true, the frustrations of learning EVERYTHING before being able to fly nearly immediately is why I believe whole heatedly that buying RTF is the best choice for new pilots.

Yes, you will crash… many times.  Yes, things will break.  Yes, you will have to learn to fix them but, youtube or the internet has your back.

When Choosing to Build First Goes Wrong

I have a personal friend that chose to build a quad while I ordered the Eachine Wizard X220.  He wouldn’t hear of a RTF and bought all his components independently.

Let’s call him Dan, cause that is his real name lolz.

Dan spent the next three weeks learning about soldering theory, Flight Controllers, Uarts, Power Distribution, continuity and wiring.  All while I was happily flying my Wizard X220.

After he thought he was done the drone powered on but was acting strangely.

We tested it and found that motors 2 and 4 were trying to start at the same time when you engaged either one separately.

Long story short, he has burnt out 3 flight controllers, an escape or two and always has problem after problem with his quad.  While I have dive bombed 30 feet in the air straight into the ground and changed a prop or two and take off.

He is beyond frustrated and says his biggest regret is not buying RTF.

He Knows More than Me

I do have to admit, I am a technical person but when I have questions I ask Dan and he ALWAYS has the answer.

He has studied every aspect of drone building, knows all flight controllers and which parts are the best for every situation.

My knowledge is vastly improving as I go because I document in video and articles I write for this website.  I have since ordered some parts to build my own drone but I have been shredding my Wizard X220 for over 3 months now.

I can fly pretty well now and he is still a beginner because of his troubles.

What Ready To Fly Drone is the Best For Beginners?

In the FPV Drone Racing community it is hands down, the Eachine Wizard X220.  You get so many great parts in this drone that it is the absolute best drone for the money.

  • Betaflight Firmware Pre Installed
  • 20 Amp BLheli Escapes
  • F3 Acro Flight Controller
  • 2205 Powerful motors
  • 700 TVL Camera
  • Radio
  • Battery & Charger

For an in depth look at the Wizard X220 parts, features and upgrades, check out my Eachine Wizard X220 Complete Guide.

If all of that sounds Greek to you, essentially it means the Eachine Wizard X220 has parts that are well thought out and compliment each other very well and are well worth the money.


And at a price of under $200 for the entire RTF kit it can’t be beat.Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Drone

Sure there are better components to get independently, but you can either upgrade the Wizard slowly or you could do what I’m doing and build you next quad after you learn to fly and get used to the already wicked speed of the Wizard.